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Britain can’t take back control from the EU, because we never lost it. 99% of UK public expenditure is controlled by the UK government, which shapes all major political policy.

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The Financial Secrecy Index states that if Britain’s tax network were assessed together, it would be the most secretive in the world. Many leading Brexiteers use these tax havens, and were listed in the leaked Paradise Papers.

New EU laws will make it very difficult to dodge tax by moving profits to low tax countries, unless of course there is a no-deal Brexit.

European migrants pay for more school and hospital places than they use. They made a positive net contribution of £20 billion between 2000 and 2011.


The NHS is facing a recruitment crisis, with over 100,000 vacancies. Since the referendum, around 5000 EEA doctors are considering leaving the UK.

Nine of the ten districts with the highest leave vote had low immigration.

It’s an established trend that when we meet immigrants, we lose our fear of them.


The spike in hate crime that followed the Brexit vote was similar to those caused by terrorist attacks.

The police watchdog has warned that Britain’s exit from the EU could cause another spike in hate crime.


London has the most wealthy region in Europe and yet 30% of UK children live in relative poverty.


75% of doctors and nurses would now vote remain.

Source: YouGov


Urgent problems require International cooperation.

Autonomous weapons will reduce the barriers to war. Visit to learn more.

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Climate change is expected to cause 500,000 deaths per year by 2050.


A post-Brexit US trade deal will likely mean lower farming and food safety standards in the UK.


A recent study of 30,000 polls found that their accuracy has not declined.

200 days before elections polls were off by 4% and at 50 days it was 3%.

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Join us via Patreon, to support more videos on Brexit, and get exclusive previews and content.